StreamVoodoo using AV1 Codec

2 min readNov 2, 2021

[Update: Chrome has some issues with AV1, they seem to pause the support but we are sure it will come in a newer version, stay tuned!]

One of our main features is the ability to choose which “codec” you want to use to stream cameras in our broadcast rooms. AV1 is a brand new codec that we just added to StreamVoodoo.

You can still pick from other codecs like H264, VP8, and VP9.

H264 is associated with classic live streams and optimized for mobile devices and lower bandwidth.

VP8 is the codec that most video conference tools use to “encode” videos in their applications.

VP9 is a high-quality codec that allows 4k video quality with real-time video. The bandwidth required is significant, and you would need a powerful computer in order to encode VP9 videos.

AV1 is the latest codec from the Alliance of Open media. This codec brings incredible quality with less bandwidth than VP9 (the efficiency is double).

For a video to look great in VP9 at 1080p you should use 8mbps or 10mbps. Using AV1 the quality is even better, just using 4mbps instead (50% compared to VP9).

In the following video, you will see what it looks like to use AV1 in StreamVoodoo. Check the quality of the videos, the detail is really impressive. Since StreamVoodoo allows you to control the quality of every individual feed, you can create broadcast-quality streams with ultra-low latency in just 1 click.

You can open the feeds separately (in real-time) and pass them to a switcher like OBS or Vmix with dedicated sound.

Each video feed is independent and you can control them individually. That’s the main difference between StreamVoodoo and any other video conference/live streaming platform.

Let us know any questions in the comments below. You can book a demo at this link and we will show you all the features live during a 30-minute demo.

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