StreamVoodoo Team Expansion

2 min readFeb 28, 2022

Hey everyone, we are really proud of introducing you to 2 members of our team. They are both joining the company to help us take StreamVoodoo to new heights. Sandra Dever and Kristin Smith, they’re both entrepreneurs from Texas.

Sandra Dever

Sandra is a lifetime entrepreneur and investor. She has over 10 years of broad-based experience in the telecommunications industry, and over 7 years of experience marketing and consulting for quantum biologics technologies. She joined StreamVoodoo because her passion is seeking and supporting new disruptive technologies that solve profound problems and increase efficiency worldwide.

Kristin Smith

Kristin as a third-generation realtor quickly rose to one of Dallas’ top performing real estate agents. As her career skyrocketed, she realized time was literally money and noticed the non-existent ability to view properties via video. So, she created a media company that did just that for Realtors and home buyers. Now, she wants to help take it one step further by joining the Stream Voodoo team — and is focusing on connecting people through real-time video. She understands firsthand how high-quality streaming video can make or break a deal.

We welcome both to our team and we are really excited to have you pushing the boundaries of live video with incredible quality for everyone.




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