StreamVoodoo for Mac

2 min readFeb 23, 2022


We have our new Mac app for StreamVoodoo. We are really excited about the disruption we are making in the broadcast industry.

When we created this application, we thought about what would  Apple do if they made a live video app… and we made this video to show you what StreamVoodoo does:

Besides the ultra-low latency, controls when you need them, pristine quality, and connecting multiple live videos at once, we made it really easy for anyone to use it.

For example, in StreamVoodoo for Mac, you can publish as many cameras as you want and each live video has its own independent window with all the controls when you need them. (It’s surreal)

All the sources are listed in one place and you choose anything that you want to convert into a live video feed in just 1 click.

Cameras, screens, or even application windows can be shared live instantly with their own video and audio.

If you invite someone to join you, they can see those videos in real-time and publish theirs or if you just want to share the output, you can click on each video’s “magic link” and share them instantly as well without the need of inviting someone.

The magic links are outputs with ultra-low latency and incredible quality. Anyone can see those magic links from a browser or a mobile phone.

Below we made a list of features that are available in the Mac App as well as our Web App and we compare them with some video conferencing apps. We want to give you a glimpse of everything that we offer on top of connecting with live videos.

As you can see, StreamVoodoo has an incredible set of features that you won’t find anywhere else. These features make a huge difference when using live video for different applications and getting the best quality without paying a fortune.

You can get remote participants to join one studio in the cloud and you can record it remotely.

You can manage the entire Livestream remotely! Going live doesn’t have to be hard.

Streaming live video feeds with incredible quality and total control is what StreamVoodoo is all about.

We can also integrate with any website in 5 minutes.

Just let us know what your needs are by sending us an email at

You can see more about StreamVoodoo here

StreamVoodoo, the best live video app for Mac.




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