StreamVoodoo at Office Hours

1 min readFeb 23, 2022

Sometimes in life, you have moments that alter your existence. Usually, those moments are ones with your children or loved ones. In this particular case, I am referencing business and a true before and after moment for #StreamVoodoo. Alex Lindsay brought our COO Marcelo Moyano onto his Office Hours #livestream. To say it was beneficial would be the understatement of a lifetime.

We have been blown away by the number of people who have emailed and done demos within the last 48 hours. People who want to invest capital or learn more about what we have created.

The coolest thing about business is when the people you create for, understand what you have made for them… and how it can really help their everyday life become easier in 1 simple click.

All of the #startups Marcelo and I have worked on together in the last 20 years were usually way ahead of their time. StreamVoodoo is RIGHT on time. #LetsGo #PrepareForTakeoff

You can watch Marcelo’s presentation at the link below:

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