StreamVoodoo History

3 min readFeb 10, 2022

When we started back in March 2020, we didn’t know how much of an impact we would make with our startup.

Working with video is hard but working with live video is even harder.

There are many things to consider when you want to build something that works great, looks great, and is super simple to use.

We started by doing the basics for the web. Without any application to install. Our idea was to get you to publish a live video in 1 click. So if you can do that, then another person can do the same and that’s how we connect 2 people in the same “room”.

Sounds easy, right? Let me explain why this is not easy at all.

When you want to connect 2 video feeds in real-time, you have to consider different factors, your connection to the internet, how much “bandwidth” you have to “upload” data. Why upload? because we care about how much data you can send in order to get a great quality video. Usually, wifi connections or internet connections, in general, are not good to upload data that works well with live video. A consistent connection is needed, that’s why we recommend using a wired (ethernet connection) instead of wifi.

Another factor is latency. Latency is the time that it takes for a video signal to reach its destination. One second has 1000 milliseconds. Apps like Zoom for example have ~200ms latency. While that is a great latency, it can’t compare with what we call Ultra-Low Latency and that’s what StreamVoodoo has. When you connect 2 videos with our platform, the latency is ~40ms or less.

That’s the whole difference and it's day and night. The videos look real and the conversations are much more fluid. You feel that the person that you are talking to is right next to you in the same room.

Here is a video that compares StreamVoodoo live video quality vs Zoom, Skype and Google Hangouts. We are not here to replace them, but you can use StreamVoodoo when you really need higher-quality video with sound.

Having the best latency is an achievement we made thanks to several years of research and development is done by our CTO Richard Smrt, who’s been building streaming servers for more than 13yrs. His work is being used today by companies like Twitch, where you can see HLS streaming with 2/3 seconds of latency for thousands of concurrent viewers.

Last but not least, the quality of the video we can give in StreamVoodoo is second to none. You can set each video to 1080p Full HD at 10mbps and use VP9 as a codec, combine that with our studio-quality sound (enabling it in one click) and you have a broadcast quality signal from your computer or laptop.

Check more at, we are really excited about what’s coming.




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